Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services

The Good Neighbor Society has hundreds of opportunities to volunteer each month. It does not matter if you can devote only an hour a day or even an hour a month, Good Neighbor Society has volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule.

Our residents and tenants enjoy a minimum of four recreational programs daily, not including any spontaneous programming. Volunteers are needed on campus and off campus for a variety of events ranging from one-on-one conversations to large community events.

The possibilities are endless, but here is a short list of some of the programming offered at the Good Neighbor Society:


BINGO is played at least twice a week and is one of the favorites at the Good Neighbor Society. Volunteers help residents and tenants watch cards, hand out prizes and assist with snacks and beverages.

Bus Trips

Our programming frequently goes on the road and volunteers are needed to sit with residents, answer questions, run errands when the bus stops and enjoy the ride. Some errands might include bringing ice cream cones back to residents and tenants or bringing small pumpkins on the bus for residents and tenants to examine.

Bottomless Cup

Bottomless Cup is our coffee shop which is open each day at both Good Neighbor Home and The Meadows. This is a chance for volunteers to come and visit with residents and tenants and hear countless great stories.

Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo is our nail salon that is open to residents of the Good Neighbor Home each Friday. Volunteers help remove polish, file, apply a new coat of polish and visit with residents of the Good Neighbor Society.

Beauty Shop

Beauticians are at the Good Neighbor Home almost daily, fixing hair and brightening the spirits of their clients. Volunteers are needed to take clients to and from the beauty shop, so the beautician can stay with his or her clients.


Reflections is a volunteer lead program. Volunteers lead residents in a group discussion about “the good old days,” sharing in conversation and friendship.


The Good Neighbor Society recognizes the endless talent in our community. We invite volunteers to share their talents with the residents and tenants of the Good Neighbor Society.

Contact Rose Reinig, Recreation Coordinator (563)927-3907 Ext.305

If you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer, please contact Rose Reinig, Recreation Coordinator. Volunteering is a selfless act, one in which you receive more than you give.
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