Our Campus

We know you feel there is no place like your own home, and we could not agree more. For this reason we have designed our campus to be your home. We believe in autonomy and we understand that no two people are alike.

Our Individualized Care Plans establish your expectations of care and services. To create your care plan we solicit input from you, your physician and our interdisciplinary team in order to exceed your expectations.

Specialized Diets

Specialized diets apply to Good Neighbor Home and Marietta's Place.

We recognize and create meals for many specialized diets according to our registered dietician's recommendations for each meal service. We serve a restaurant style breakfast each day with cold and hot menu options. Lunch and supper each include two fresh menu options.

Recreation Program

Our recreation programming includes a minimum of four events each day with a wide variety to choose from. The goal with the recreation program is not only to provide entertainment, but to create joy and purpose. Each month you can enjoy live music, bingo, educational opportunities, crafts and more.

For more information about our services, we invite you to stop by for a tour or contact Jessie Tibbott, Community Development Director.